started after several acquaintances approached our founder regarding creating websites for their small businesses. So often, their stories were the same.
  • "I'd like to have a website, but I can't afford it."
  • "I've spoken to several website designers and they're just charging too much."
  • "I'm already listed in the Yellow Pages."
  • "I have no idea how to go about starting one."
  • "I had a web site once, but I couldn't find it on the search engines."


You really can afford your own web site. One that's professionally designed, maintained and monitored for performance. For about the price of a single, 20 word Saturday newspaper ad each month, you can have your web site designed and hosted for a year. This includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and manual submission to today's popular search engines. After the first year, all you pay for are the annual hosting fees. Unlike a newspaper or phone book ads , we're talking about a full color website with color images, interactive maps to your location and as many words as it takes to describe the details of your business.


When you place your site on the Internet, you're not restricted the local market. People will literally be able to access your site from around the globe! You can even further improve your visibility by defining certain 'keywords' that potential customers would use to locate your business. For example, a landscaping business would be listed under Landscaping in the Yellow Pages. With a web site, it is possible to be located under Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Weed Control, Pest Control, Tree Trimming, etc., all with the same search. takes this one step further by allowing you to list your business in our Business Directory under up to 5 different applicable categories all for the same price!


There is no need to worry if you do not have everything perfect the first, or even the second or third time! Unlike hardcopy ads, such as newspapers, phone directories or similar media, we can change your site at any time without the worry of waiting until the next publication is released.

Search Engine Optimization

Sadly, being unable to locate a small business owner's site on the Internet is a story that we hear all too often. Generally this is due to a lack of understanding what is truly required to get your site noticed. Even professionally designed sites can remain invisible to search engine software if they do not receive the correct exposure.

At , we build Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into each of our sites from the ground up. Above all this, our Business Directory and Coupons pages are each designed to provide quality links to your new site, helping to improve your Internet presence immediately!

Mortgage Calculators!

We believe helping people find their new home in the area is important both for business and for the community as a whole. As such, we've added some useful Mortgage Calculators to help people understand exactly how much house they can actually afford without breaking their budget.


"I just wanted to send you a note to let you know what a blessing you have been to the shelter since you took over their website... we have been getting more publicity. In fact, we just received a large donation from a foundation that found us when searching for a children's organization. Thank you so much!!! "
- Diane Hamilton, Angelheart Children's Shelter

"I can't thank you enough for the work you did for my pet project 'Elderhaven of Williamson County Adult Day Center'. Before you helped, their website was impossible to find.. now, it pops right up. They have a lot more clients now.. and I'm sure the improved visability has a lot to do with it. Thanks again."
- Patricia Scott, Medical Financial Services Group, Round Rock, TX.

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