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Descriptive Links

Your listing in our business directory links directly to your site and includes a short description of the website as part of the link. These descriptive links can help build Page Rank for your website, helping your site respond better during searches on Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

Business Description Page

A business description is included with each listing to provide additional information to your prospective customers. This page may include your logo, business description, contact information with up to 3 phone numbers and even a link to an interactive map. Your email address is coded to prevent webbots from finding your address and spamming you.

Products & Services

Each listing is provided with space you to list some of the products and services your business provides. This list is displayed directly below your listing link and is also displayed on your Business Description page.


Regardless of your membership level, every member can upload their logo to our site.

Directory Searches

Each search performed through our directory service scans your business name, your linking text, your business description, your keywords and your location to see if your site matches the requested search.


Multiple categories may be assigned to each listing. This improves the listing's odds of being found by a visitor. This also provides multiple links back to the business owner's website.

Large, Easy To Read Text

Have you noticed how easy our site is to read and navigate? Everything is displayed in large, clear text with visible changes to know when you are on a link. Even our icons are easy to understand and include additional text. To further clarify our site, we even use descriptive tool tip text where ever we feel there may be confusion.

No Advertising!

Other than our featured Non-profit organization, does not allow external advertising. Not only does this provide for a more attractive site, it prevents viewers from finding your information only to click on one of the advertised site links, thus stealing your customer. We believe that as long as the visiter has taken the time to locate your listing, your listing should have their full attention.