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's Coupons are a great way to help generate web traffic to place of business and your web site. Whether your goal is to promote new products, generate new business or to inform your current customers of the latest discounts, let our coupons do the work for you.

User Editable

Each member can easily edit or modify their coupon through the Member Functions menus. The modifications are visible as soon as the new information is saved. This allows each coupon to be used over and over for different specials, prompting your customers to return frequently to get the latest specials.

Search Engine Friendly

Our coupons are search engine friendly! Did you know it is possible for a search engine to list your coupon at it would any other web page? It's true! Read on to find out how we do it!

Descriptive Links

Just like our Business Directory, your coupon includes a short description of the coupon as part of the link. These descriptive links can help build page rank not only for your coupon, but for your website also, provided you link to you website from you coupon.

Coupon Description Page

After you have entered a brief description of your coupon, you can use the Description section to really go into detail. The description section is included with each coupon to provide additional information to your prospective customers.


After you have uploaded your logo to our site, it is availble for you to use on your coupon. This helps build additional branding for you and your business.

Coupon Searches

Each search performed through our coupon search scans your business name, your Link Description text, your Coupon Description and your location to see if your coupon matches the requested search.


In many cases, multiple categories may be assigned to each coupon. This improves the coupon's chances of being located by a site visitor.