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Web Services!

has been created to virtually be a One Stop Shop for all your web based needs. From designing custom web-based software to providing URLs and email addresses, is here to help you get your business online quickly and effectively.

Custom Website Designs

We pride ourselves on our one-of-a-kind designs. We'll discuss your design 'wish list' and let you know the pros and cons of many design aspects. If you see a design you like on a different web page, we'll review it and see how we can alter it to make it uniquely yours.

Multi-Platform Functionality

Each website is designed and tested using multiple browsers and operating systems to ensure cross-browser and multi-platform functionality.

Vision Impared Friendly

We tend to use larger fonts with higher foreground/background contrasts than most design firms to ensure ease of use by older and vision impared users. Graphics are coded to help the blind understand the site more clearly. Website page widths are optimized to work on lower resolution monitors so users do not have to scroll horizontally to view all the information.

Clean Website Design
  • Text: We use smooth fonts and soft colors that are easy on the eyes. Text is organized so important information is identified and easy to find.
  • Navigation: Navigation bars are consitent and clearly labeled. Pages are cross-linked together to ensure site navigation is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Graphics: The use of graphics is kept to a minimum. When graphics are used, they are clearly identified and understood.
  • Contact Information: Contact information is often placed in the footer of every page to ensure visitors can reach the business without having to dig for the contact information.

Custom Software

At , we are not 'graphic artists', we're software engineers. All custom software is hand coded in-house without the use of templates, providing a thorough understanding of its functionality and an ability to modify it quickly and acurately. Some of the programming languages we take pride with our ability to program fluently in are, but not limited to, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and any combination thereof.

You tell us, "We need a website that can do this... can you help us?" and we'll say, "Yes. We can do that!"

Flash Conversion

Do you have a 'Flash' site that is not performing? By not performing, we mean it is not generating near the traffic that is should be. If so, can help. We'll convert your exising Flash site to a new, fully functioning, search engine optimized HTML version of your site at a fraction of the original Flash development costs. To learn more about the disadvantages of having a Flash site, please read: Search Engine Optimization.


At our customer's request, we can also use templates. Templates are ready-made designs that are often created by 'graphic artists'. This means when a template design is requested, we'll gut it from the inside out, build SEO and clean programming techniques back into it, then reassemble it. The final result is fast loading, search engine friendly and impressively easy to navigate and maintain while remaining pleasing to the eyes.

Web Hosting

Not all web hosting is built the same. While we're discussing your site's design criteria, we'll also discuss your web hosting options. For static sites with little to no user interaction other than clicking links, a shared hosting system might work well for you. For websites that are data-base driven, we recommend servers with much more power and less overhead. will discuss your options and help you degermine the correct hosting for your needs.


can provide custom email addresses based on your needs.